Cavalry for Teams.

Deploy Cavalry throughout your organisation with unified billing and volume licence management.

Supercharge Your Team’s Creativity.

Deliver a powerful motion graphics toolkit to any member of your team, with centralised licence management and self-serve onboarding. Access additional support for both Cavalry Starter and Professional, along with our powerful Enterprise options like the Cavalry CLI.

With tools for animation, marketing, data visualisation, social media content and more, Cavalry delivers creative tools for specialised teams across your organisation.



Trusted By Professionals

Starling Bank

Professional 2D Animation Software.

for Mac and Windows

Level up your motion graphics workflow with a powerful animation toolkit.

Suitable for creative, academic and media production workflows. Powerful automation, scripting and data driven tools.

Forge Dynamics

Automate behaviours using simulated physics with our fully featured dynamics system.

Dynamic Rendering

Automate time consuming multi-render pipelines with different values at render time.

Cavalry CLI

Access Cavalry features from the command line, including rendering. (Enterprise only).

How it works.


Send your details

Complete our short form to confirm your company details and requirements. We will require a billing contact and an indication of your initial licence requirements.


Account setup

A member of our team will review your details and create your Teams account. We’ll get in touch if we need to confirm anything.


Billing and onboarding

We’ll provision your required licences and raise an invoice for a single Teams subscription. This can be reviewed and paid online. Nominated users will receive an invitation to redeem their licence and download Cavalry.

Join the Cavalry.

Deploy Cavalry across your organisation with unified billing and volume licence management.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I swap licences between users during my billing period?

Yes. If changes to users with active licences are required during the subscription, please email us with a list of emails to add/transfer from/to. Requests will be processed within 2 working days (self-serve management will become available in the future).

Can I add more licences part way through my renewal period?

Yes. Contact us with a list of emails for the users you’d like to add. Adding the number of licences to an existing pool part way through a billing cycle will be charged pro-rata in line with the renewal date. It’s possible to add licences to your team without immediately assigning them to a user if required.

Can licences have different renewal dates?

No, all licences within a team must have matching renewal dates. Renewal dates for any licences added to an existing team will be set to match the existing renewal period and billed pro-rata accordingly.

What happens if a user already has a Starter licence?

If a user in your team already has a Starter licence, we will update their details accordingly with the requested licence.

What happens if a user already has a Professional licence?

Where an existing user already has an active Professional subscription, their subscription will be cancelled and a pro-rata refund will be issued to their payment card on file for any remaining time up until their renewal date.

What happens if a member of the team forgets their password?

Password resets can be managed by individual users via although it is possible for us to manually generate links on request from the admin user.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, if a bank transfer and/or payment terms are required, please let us know.

What happens at the end of my billing cycle?

Your subscription will automatically renew and a new invoice will be issued. An email reminder will be sent 45 days in advance of your renewal date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The admin user can sign in to and follow the link to ‘Manage Subscription’. If you cancel part way through a billing period, licences will remain active until the renewal date. Refunds will not be issued for early cancellation but you can reassign licences to different users on request. See above.

What happens to users in my domain?

If users within the same domain (e.g. <name> already exist in our database with Starter licences but they are not included in the list you provide, their licences will be revoked.

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