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Ask us and the rest of the Cavalry community for answers, share your thoughts or just listen to the conversation over at our Discord server.


Our GitLab repository is a good place to report an issue or submit a feature request. Your tickets can be linked to our internal ones for better tracking and quicker updates.


Get started or take a deeper dive into features via the tutorials on our YouTube channel.


Find out how each node works in Cavalry along with some examples and demo scenes in our Documentation.


Email us for any billing and account enquiries or anything else at


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Frequently Asked

While we’d love to hear from you please take a look at some of these common support questions to get an answer more quickly.

I'm having problems resetting my password. What can I do?

If you're having issues resetting your password via then it is most likely the password you are trying to use does not meet the requirements. They are:

  • 8 - 50 characters
  • One lowercase alpha
  • One uppercase alpha
  • One number
  • Once special character.
  • No spaces.

If you continue to have issues despite meeting these requirements, please contact us via

How can I access my account?


You can download the installers and reset your password. Professional users can also manage their payment details and subscription.

Do you plan to offer Linux support?

We're not there yet but we do plan to support Linux. We have some R&D still to do until we can get closer to any timeframes on it.

Do you offer a licence with a one off payment?

No. Never say never but there are currently no short term plans to offer this type of licence.

Do you offer any student discounts?

Not yet but this is something we're actively working on right now so watch this space.

Educators - team/site licences are also on the roadmap but we have no timeframes on that as yet.

Do you offer a floating or site licence?

Not yet but it's something we're working on. We're planning options for small-medium teams and enterprise/education.

Can I switch from Professional to Starter?

If you cancel a Professional subscription your licence will auto downgrade to a Starter licence at the end of the billing cycle. You will still be able to open any old files but you will not be able to save or render from any scenes that contain Professional features. Upgrading via the website again will re-enable this functionality.

If I use a beta feature in the Starter version, will it always be free?

A free user cannot add beta features to a scene but it is possible to open a file containing beta features and to save and/ or render from it. Be aware that if a feature matures into Professional feature in the future, you will then not be able to save or render a file containing that feature (without upgrading to a Professional licence).

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