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Created by animators, for animators — Cavalry makes 2d animation smarter, easier and faster to produce. Design in real-time for advertising, mobile, data visualisation, web, broadcast, ui, generative art, experiential, games and more.

Feature Rich
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Design in real-time

Lightning fast viewport rendering means you can stay focused on being creative.

Easy versioning

Powerful versioning capabilities make managing big projects a breeze. Leave data to do the hard work for you.

End to end workflow

Move seamlessly from artworking to animation and build vector based creative from the ground up.

Creative playground

Mix procedural workflows with traditional techniques to iterate quickly and evolve concepts in a fun and playful environment.

Native Features

Cavalry includes fundamental features that connect with each other directly in-app so you can spend less time and money managing third party plug-ins.

  • Rig Control
  • Rubber Hose
  • Connect Shapes
  • Color Palettes
  • Magic Easing
  • Text Animation
  • Duplicator
  • Data Import
  • Lottie Export Pro
  • Forge Dynamics Pro
  • Falloffs
  • Quad Tree

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Join some of the worlds best creative and technology companies by going Pro with your Cavalry subscription today.

Ordinary Folk
Studio Dumbar

Pricing and Options

Start creating in Cavalry for free or subscribe to unlock the full feature set.


Get started in Cavalry, discover new creative possibilities and try the Pro features.

  • Free forever
  • Real-time playback
  • No credit card required


Level up with Google Sheets import, Forge Dynamics, Audio Export, Dynamic Rendering and more.

Billed annually. Price excludes VAT and applicable taxes.


Deploy Cavalry throughout your organisation with unified billing and volume licence management.

  • Volume licensing
  • Unified billing
  • Enterprise features

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Share your work with thousands of creators already producing some amazing animations with #cavalryapp and join the community on our Discord Channel to improve your skills. Download Cavalry for free today and see what you can do.


Sharpen up your animation skills with Cavalry.

Check out the tutorials and start learning the new techniques for creating awesome motion design.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on the early Cavalry beta today, and I’ve been having a blast messing around with it. It’s a fun tool to learn and use, and I’m really curious to see how it develops - feels like it’s got the potential to be a real game changer!

Rory Flynn

I could repost anything the @cavalry__app team is sharing at this point, just bonkers amazing stuff coming from them! So excited for this tool.

Ryan Cuppernull

The SINGLE MOST EXCITING development to occur in motion design in the last 3 years: the developers of MASH are cooking up a new animation tool. Is this really happening? For really reals?

Ryan Summers

Essentially the way I describe it is, it’s a 2D tool. It’s designed to do a lot of the things After Effects does, but it’s built more like Cinema 4D where you create procedural systems and it’s really cool. It’s really fun to play with.

Joey Korenman
School of Motion

@cavalry__app This is a paradigm shift! Looking forward to see what more people will do with it when you release it into the world!

Mário Domingos

That’s all I use AE for these days anyway, haven’t animated in it for years. Cannot wait for @cavalry__app either, never before has a program been more aptly named.

Matt Frodsham

I admire the dedication @cavalry__app is putting in, and at this point I’m just looking to support a developer that can listen to the community and make moves based on that

Mike ArcaneMotion

Motion designers have been starving. What’s worse, is that most don’t even know that they’ve been dying this whole time. Then along comes Cavalry, an app that shows everyone what is possible in a 2D animation application designed for motion designers and animators — And the tidbits that we’ve already seen of Cavalry has already made an enormous impact.

Lester Banks

It’s like my Motion feedback sent to Apple was intercepted by @cavalry__app

Ryan Welborn

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