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Cavalry 2.1 Now Available

Cavalry’s 2.1 release introduces extensive audio support including import, playback and export. Create animation that reacts to audio using the new Sound Behaviour or automate audio import with the new Audio Smart Folder.

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All Creatives

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Generative Art

Create wonderfully imaginative moving works of art.


Teach and learn animation fundamentals.

Motion Graphics Professionals

Integrate powerful creative tools in to your workflow.


Fast, Native Rendering

Intuitive Interface

macOS & Windows Support

Cross-platform software.


Max. Resolution

HD output for Starter users, target whatever you like in Professional.

1920 x 1080


Vector Drawing

Intelligent Pen and Pencil tools, spend less time swapping apps.

Shape Primitives

Easily add vector objects to your scene.

Connect Shapes

Intelligent shape interactions.

Color Palettes

Link elements to palettes to sync changes.


Snap shapes to grids, guides, bounding boxes and more.

Import Assets

Support for many common image and video formats, data and sounds.

SVG Layers

Work with existing vector graphics right in the viewport.


Use the same mask on multiple shapes.

Blend Modes

Comprehensive blending options for shapes and effects.


Blur, Chromatic Aberration, Pixelate, Halftone and more.


Organise and filter your layers.

Extrude Pro

Add 2d extrusions to Shapes.

Scheduling Group Pro

Procedurally position layers in time.

Layouts Pro

Create stacks of Shapes in rows, columns or grids.

Cameras Pro New

Create a 2.5D environment to add depth to Compositions.

Components Pro New

Collect Layers and promote attributes to create a simplified, custom container.

Pre-Comp Overrides Pro New

Override attributes contained within Compositions to create templates.



More than 30 complex behaviours to bring your animation scenes to life.

Effects Improved

Filters and shaders that can dynamically change the appearance of shapes.2

Path Animation

Deform and move shapes along paths.

Rig Control

Set up character animation using a joystick.

Rubber Hose

Create Rubber Hose Limbs with ease.

Motion Blur

Smooth motion and add more cinematic effects.


Carefully manage the strength of behaviours.

Magic Easing

Apply mathematical interpolation between keyframes. Magically.

Cel Animation

Compose frame-by-frame animations.


Easily transition between complex shapes.

Forge Dynamics Pro

Fully featured dynamics system. Use simulated physics to drive your animations.

Timeline Counter Pro

Use markers to accumulate or trigger a value over time.

Accumulator Pro

Create 'stacks' of Shapes or custom layouts.

Bend Pro New

Deform Shapes by bending them around the circumference of a circle.

Squash and Stretch Pro New

Squash and stretch Shapes with options to add bulge and preserve a Shape's area.



Procedurally modify text before it’s vectorised and animated.

String Generator

Seed text in to your animations, including dates and other formatted strings.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Easily create text backgrounds for lines, words or even characters.


Audio Import New

Import .aac, .wav, .aif, .aiff, .caf and .mp3 audio assets.

Sound Behaviour New

Playback audio and drive deformation or values.

Audio Playback New

Playback multiple audio tracks in the Timeline.

Audio Export Pro New

Export audio to .mp4, .webm, .mov or .acc.


Data Import

Add CSV, JSON or Text data to drive and populate your animation.


Procedurally generate values via expressions, math functions or randomisation.


Export metadata for renders.

Google Sheets Pro

Integrate with a live data source via Google Sheets.

Image Smart Folder Pro

Reference image and video assets by name for automation.

Audio Smart Folder Pro New

Reference audio assets by name for automation.


Duplicator Improved

Duplicate and distribute shapes with ease.

Quad Tree

Create mathematical grids.

Noise Behaviour

Generate noise patterns to deform Shapes or generate values.

Export & Sharing

Batch Rendering

Sequence multiple rendering configurations and execute them all in one action.

Copy as SVG

Copy any vector elements or compositions to your clipboard as an SVG.

Video Export

Render your animation to video including MP4, WebM and ProRes formats.

Image Export Improved

Render your animation to an image sequence (PNG, JPG, WebP), APNG or Sprite Sheet.

SVG Export

Render your animation to an SVG sequence.


Automatically upload images/videos at render time.

Lottie Export Pro

Create a Lottie definition for your animation suitable for use in applications and on the web.

Dynamic Rendering Pro

Generate different values at render time to automate time consuming multi-render pipelines.

Background Rendering Pro New

Hand off rendering to continue working in parallel.


JavaScript API Pro Improved

Create completely custom workflows with our rich JavaScript API and integrated editor.

JavaScript Layers Pro New

Write custom Shapes, Deformers and Utilities using the JavaScript APIs.

Cavalry CLI 1Enterprise Improved

Access Cavalry features including rendering from the command line. See documentation for more details.



Cavalry Player

Included utility to playback scenes without the Cavalry UI.

Labels New

Set custom label colors for Layers, Keyframes and Time Markers.

Control Centre Pro

Promote important scene controls and values to a dedicated UI pane for easy access.

Shortcut Manager Pro

Map custom shortcuts/hotkeys to commands.


Community Discord

Get help from our team and active community via Discord.

Video Tutorials

We regularly publish video introductions and tutorials directly to our public YouTube channel.

Email Support

Direct support remains available to all our users. Professional users benefit from priority support.



Apply Distribution Pro

Arrange Sub-Meshes (Duplicator, Text, SVGs etc.) into distributions.

Apply Layout Pro

Stack Shapes within a Sub-Mesh in a similar way to a Layout Group.

Sound Pro

Use audio to drive deformation or values.

Motion Stretch Pro

Deform shapes based on their motion to create an effect similar to smearing.

Velocity Context Pro

Extract speed data to inform other elements in the scene.

Trails Pro

Generate trails (lines) from Shapes.

Sub-Mesh Bounding Box Pro

Create rectangles using the bounding boxes of sub-meshes.

SkSL Shader Pro

Write your own shader in SkSL (based on GLSL).

Spring Pro

Add dynamic, secondary motion to a Shape’s position keyframes.

Particle System Pro New

Simulate complex physically-based effects like smoke, rain or dust.

...and much more.

Visit our documentation page for more detail on available features and the latest releases.

1 While some features are available to all users, contact us to enquire about rendering via the Cavalry CLI.

2 The Slit Scan, Pixel Sorting, Scrape, Scan Lines Filters, Background Blur Filter and Voronoi Shader are only available to Professional users.

3 Experimental Features and Beta Builds are only available to Professional users.

Cavalry for Teams

Deploy Cavalry throughout your organisation with unified billing and volume licence management.

Anything we missed?

How long can I use the Starter version for?

Good news. There is no limit to how long you can use the Starter version for. It is free. Forever. And we intend to add many new features and improvements for all. No credit card required.

What benefits will I get with a Professional licence?

You’ll gain access to some of our most powerful features including Cameras, Forge Dynamics, Dynamic Rendering and Lottie Export. You can also render compositions at any resolution you like and benefit from priority email support. In addition, a Professional licence provides access to cutting edge experimental features like Particles, Sound and Motion Stretch.

How do I upgrade from Starter to Professional?

You can upgrade at any time from within the Cavalry app or by simply purchasing a new subscription after logging in at checkout.

Does Cavalry require a subscription?

The Starter version can be used for as long as you like without providing any billing details. A Professional licence is only available via subscription to support continuous development and a regular release cycle, getting more features in to the application sooner. We publish our roadmap and invite input from our community via Discord.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time via your Account page. Your licence will automatically expire at the end of the current billing period.

The SINGLE MOST EXCITING development to occur in motion design in the last 3 years: the developers of MASH are cooking up a new animation tool. Is this really happening? For really reals?

Ryan Summers

Essentially the way I describe it is, it’s a 2D tool. It’s designed to do a lot of the things After Effects does, but it’s built more like Cinema 4D where you create procedural systems and it’s really cool. It’s really fun to play with.

Joey Korenman
School of Motion

I could repost anything the @cavalry__app team is sharing at this point, just bonkers amazing stuff coming from them! So excited for this tool.

Ryan Cuppernull

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the early Cavalry beta today, and I’ve been having a blast messing around with it. It’s a fun tool to learn and use, and I’m really curious to see how it develops - feels like it’s got the potential to be a real game changer!

Rory Flynn

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